Use QMocha for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat Ads or Posts

Use QMocha for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat Ads or Posts

Use QMocha to easily create engaging creative and custom landing pages for your paid ad campaigns or organic posts on any social media platform.  Click on the hyperlinks below for the help articles.
  1. Import Products Featured in Ad Campaign or Post
    Products and Collections only need to be imported once. If the products are already imported, simply select them from the dropdowns.
  2. Select Inspirational Backdrops and Download Images For Ad or Post .
    Imported products are automatically displayed on new backdrops.  Select an inspirational backdrop for your campaign.
    Here are some great resources to find the optimal sizes for each platform.

    The best part is that you can use QMocha to download the exact custom sizes for each platform - no editing, cropping or resizing required!

  3.  Add Landing Page Links to Ad Campaign or Link in Bio 
    It is important to match your store landing page to your ad campaigns to boost conversion. Visitors are more likely to recognize the visuals in your store and stay engaged. Say you use fireworks backdrops in your hero image for a Fourth of July newsletter, use QMocha to easily add the same fireworks backdrop to all the products in the collection featured in your ad campaign. 

    Copy the QMocha provided landing page link and use it as the landing page url when creating your ad. Only the visitors clicking on the special link will see the new backdrops.

    If you are using it for an organic Instagram post, update your link in bio to the landing page url on the day of your post.